Compassionate, Direct & Honest Representation
  • I am grateful
    I fired two other lawyers prior to finding Norma. My "wife" had a better lawyer and I was losing everything I worked for my entire life at age 65. I had one last chance to find one attorney who would actually care, comprehend and HELP me. It was just luck that I found her via referral. She listened, looked at my data, asked serious questions, took notes and spent an hour with me. She knew exactly what to do and spelled it out for me. Then she executed on her plan and changed my life, saved my life. Finding the right attorney is not science. I wasted time, money, stress by choosing 2 others who looked good but failed at everything except charging my account to extinction without filing a single disclosure or Motion. I could have failed equally myself for free. Professional fees must produce professional results. Norma is a consummate pro, tough, focused, smart, strategic, gives no quarter to anyone and gets results. I am grateful, would never go anywhere else. Choose wisely. Call now, meet the team, test her, discover for yourself, compare others, decide with confidence and expect a fair outcome.

    - Anonymous

  • Professional, empathetic, and a true advocate.
    Norma was professional, empathetic, and a true advocate while handling the legal issues I was dealing with. I highly recommend her services.

    - Former Client

  • She stuck with me through thick and thin.
    She believed in me and my story told the truth. Which proved in the end of my court case. She stuck with me through thick and thin. In the end, we won. Thank you!

    - Nate

  • Highly recommend for a divorce lawyer!
    I have appreciated the diligence and attention that Ms. Dhillon has provided to my very unusual divorce case. Her personal care and communication have been greatly appreciated. She has answered my multitude of questions, as I have never experienced the divorce process, and explained in detail so that I understood what was going on throughout this experience. She has listened to my concerns and provided support and substance to my case. I will be forever grateful for what we have accomplished thus far. While I am eagerly anticipating the end of this experience, I know that she and her partner are doing their absolute best for a positive outcome for myself and most importantly, my children.

    - Zaria

  • Attentive and Nice
    Samra helped guide me through some issues I was having dealing with my father's estate. She was attentive, and even with just a free consultation, she was able to help me. Very nice, and called me back really quickly too.

    - Jay

  • I feel blessed to have representation from the team at Samra Dhillon & Associates.
    Norma accepted my urgent request in the most challenging and complicated situation of my life; advising with the upmost professionalism. Norma and team are responsive, skilled, and my family and I feel blessed to have representation from the team at Samra Dhillon & Associates. Thank you!

    - Sarah S.

  • Norma is dedicated!
    Norma Samra helped with my child custody modifications. Norma has been dedicated to my case through this difficult process, even working through the weekend to ensure things were done in a timely manner. My ex is impossible to deal with however, I felt confident Norma was getting the most out of the case with the time and evidence we had. Legal assistant Leslie is wonderful to work with; making the progress seamless and easy. Thank you to the Samra and Dhillon team for being in our community!

    - Natalie

  • Norma and her team were very compassionate.
    When I started this process 7 years ago it went from a simple divorce to a nasty custody battle. Norma and her team were very compassionate, caring and helped explain each step of the way. I felt very ready for court and she took control of the situation. I never had doubts about her representing me and my child, I knew she had our best interests always in the forefront. I have recommended Norma to many of my friends I knew they would always be her top priority and I was right. Thank you Norma for all you have done and continue to do for me and my child!

    - Wendy

  • They are the best in the Sacramento area!!
    I was referred to Norma and Rosie by a friend. Let me just say they are exceptional, experienced, and professional individuals. They know what they are doing as they have been in the business for a long time. They are straightforward and honest. Not only were they efficient but they were compassionate as well. I never once felt that I was just another case, they were there for me every step of the way and made me feel like family! Their legal assistants are very professional as well and quick to respond! They are the best in the Sacramento area!!

    - Former Client

  • Norma and her team have been by my side all along every step of the way.
    I’ve been working with Ms. Norma Samra and her firm for a little over 4 months now for my custody case. Being that it’s my first time ever having to deal with the court system I wanted the best team to represent me and although my case is still ongoing, Norma and her team have been by my side all along every step of the way. Going into this process I was very intimidated but they are very easy to talk to and have answered any and all questions that I have and have guided me step by step in this very complex case which included multiple filings. Norma and her team are very knowledgeable, dependable, honest, and hard-working. It’s easy to see that they genuinely care for my case. They’ve managed threats and harassment from the opposing counsel and have continued to approach every arising situation with professionalism and recommends what she thinks is in the best interest of my daughters and I. Without a doubt I would recommend this firm! Thank you, Norma, Rosie, Ana, and the rest of the firm for your continued help and guidance during this process, I am beyond grateful for you all.

    - Ashmita B.

  • I am so glad that Rosie was there to guide me through the divorce process.
    Sometimes you find yourself in a situation that you’ve never been in before and don’t know what to do but I am so glad that Rosie was there to guide me through the divorce process. She was so nice and understanding throughout the whole process. She thoroughly explained everything in terms that I could understand. If you are lost in the process, don’t hesitate to contact her!

    - Amos V.

  • We highly recommend Norma to anyone who needs RESULTS!
    Norma Samra - Aggressive, to the point, results! Our case was very difficult, not only because of the divorce issues but also because of elderly abuse. Norma was there for us, even on Sundays when that day was reserved for family, we felt like family when she called. The feeling of being protected by her, we can not put it into words, her entire staff made us feel safe! Ana Mata, thank you for speaking our language and even on the most busy of times, you and Norma where always there for us. We highly recommend Norma to anyone who needs RESULTS!

    - Martha S

  • Professional, extremely knowledgeable, and experienced!
    Norma Samra is the BEST in town. She puts her 100% in your case and is with you every step of the way. Norma, Charity and Rosey, you guys are excellent. Norma is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and experienced. Thank you.

    - Shahina M.

  • Norma will help you get through the process!
    Front desk staff is very helpful. As for my attorney, Norma, she is a Godsend. She is professional and always stands by her client. Although, no one ever wishes to be in family court but if destiny brought you to it, Norma will help you get through the process. She works with and for her clients, and 9 pm conference call on Friday night is not a issue for Norma.”

    - Aparna M.

  • The go-to attorney for your needs!
    Norma Samra is THE go-to attorney for your needs. She is extremely impressive! Norma is professional, no-nonsense in court, extremely knowledgeable, and will stand up for your rights. Much respect to Norma Samra and Cynthia Wojtas.

    - Cindy W.

  • Norma was very helpful!
    Norma was very helpful and guiding throughout the case. She did an excellent job for me in my divorce case, we won every single point including sole custody. She was always well prepared on every hearing and the good thing is she is bilingual you can discuss your case in punjabi as well. Definitely recommend her.

    - Raj G.

  • Extremely knowledgeable and responsive.
    Very friendly and comforting staff. Extremely knowledgeable and responsive. They are all very passionate about their work and really eased my stress level in dealing with my case. Being a single dad, they have really helped in making my life much more happy as I now have full custody of my son.

    - Former Client

  • She is professional and knows her stuff.
    Ms. Dhillon is one GOOD attorney. If you want someone on your side, she is it! She is professional and knows her stuff. I've first hired her back in Aug 2019 and am still with her. We've come a long way from not having my kids at all to now having them full time living with me. Trust me, give her a try! You won't be dissapointed!

    - Former Client

  • Ms. Dhillon and her crew is amazing.
    Ms. Dhillon and her crew is amazing. Rosie is a fighter. If you want someone on your side, SHE IS IT!!!! Hire her and then leave your worries to her to solve. She know what's she doing and does it well!! I've been with her since Aug 2019 and am thankful of her partnership every single day!

    - Neha K.

  • I feel I am in great hands.
    The way Ms. Samra has has handled my case has been amazing. Still ongoing, however proceeding through the system, I feel I am in great hands. Ms. Samra has handled everything I've needed to date, including navigating through the additional system issues caused by Covid. I'm hopeful of a favorable outcome in the future due to my representation. Thank you Ms. Samra!

    - Former Client