Compassionate, Direct & Honest Representation
  • We highly recommend Norma to anyone who needs RESULTS!
    Norma Samra - Aggressive, to the point, results! Our case was very difficult, not only because of the divorce issues but also because of elderly abuse. Norma was there for us, even on Sundays when that day was reserved for family, we felt like family when she called. The feeling of being protected by her, we can not put it into words, her entire staff made us feel safe! Ana Mata, thank you for speaking our language and even on the most busy of times, you and Norma where always there for us. We highly recommend Norma to anyone who needs RESULTS!

    - Martha S

  • Professional, extremely knowledgeable, and experienced!
    Norma Samra is the BEST in town. She puts her 100% in your case and is with you every step of the way. Norma, Charity and Rosey, you guys are excellent. Norma is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and experienced. Thank you.

    - Shahina M.

  • Norma will help you get through the process!
    Front desk staff is very helpful. As for my attorney, Norma, she is a Godsend. She is professional and always stands by her client. Although, no one ever wishes to be in family court but if destiny brought you to it, Norma will help you get through the process. She works with and for her clients, and 9 pm conference call on Friday night is not a issue for Norma.”

    - Aparna M.

  • The go-to attorney for your needs!
    Norma Samra is THE go-to attorney for your needs. She is extremely impressive! Norma is professional, no-nonsense in court, extremely knowledgeable, and will stand up for your rights. Much respect to Norma Samra and Cynthia Wojtas.

    - Cindy W.

  • Norma was very helpful!
    Norma was very helpful and guiding throughout the case. She did an excellent job for me in my divorce case, we won every single point including sole custody. She was always well prepared on every hearing and the good thing is she is bilingual you can discuss your case in punjabi as well. Definitely recommend her.

    - Raj G.

  • Extremely knowledgeable and responsive.
    Very friendly and comforting staff. Extremely knowledgeable and responsive. They are all very passionate about their work and really eased my stress level in dealing with my case. Being a single dad, they have really helped in making my life much more happy as I now have full custody of my son.

    - Former Client

  • She is professional and knows her stuff.
    Ms. Dhillon is one GOOD attorney. If you want someone on your side, she is it! She is professional and knows her stuff. I've first hired her back in Aug 2019 and am still with her. We've come a long way from not having my kids at all to now having them full time living with me. Trust me, give her a try! You won't be dissapointed!

    - Former Client

  • Ms. Dhillon and her crew is amazing.
    Ms. Dhillon and her crew is amazing. Rosie is a fighter. If you want someone on your side, SHE IS IT!!!! Hire her and then leave your worries to her to solve. She know what's she doing and does it well!! I've been with her since Aug 2019 and am thankful of her partnership every single day!

    - Neha K.

  • I feel I am in great hands.
    The way Ms. Samra has has handled my case has been amazing. Still ongoing, however proceeding through the system, I feel I am in great hands. Ms. Samra has handled everything I've needed to date, including navigating through the additional system issues caused by Covid. I'm hopeful of a favorable outcome in the future due to my representation. Thank you Ms. Samra!

    - Former Client

  • I was happy with the work and professionalism.
    I hired Rosie Dhillon with Samra Dhillon &  Associates for my highly contested divorce that lasted 8 years. I was happy with the work and professionalism the firm displayed with my case. They worked with me to get the best outcome not only for myself but for my 2 children.

    - Former Client

  • She was by my side.
    I had a awesome experience, she was by my side the entire time and she had a ton of experience. I would recommend her to anyone one in need of a attorney.

    - Former Client

  • Norma is a true professional.
    Norma is a true professional. She is very knowledgeable about the law, and was very patient in explaining all of my possible legal avenues. Prior to Norma's services, I was lost and overwhelmed with the legal and court process. She put me at ease with explaining the legal and court process, and alleviated much of the stress with her calm and confident demeanor. Once in court, she constantly advocated for me and never gave up. Norma far exceeded my expectations regarding my court case and I am extremely happy with how the judge ruled! Without a doubt, I would recommend Ms. Norma Samra to anyone in need of legal representation. You are in great hands under her representation!

    - Former Client

  • I highly recommend Rosie to everyone
    We had pleasure working with Rosie Dhillon on a restraining order case that was filed by my brother's crazy wife against him, just so she can get benefits for her immigration process. I still remember the first day we received the order from police. We were completely freaked out. My brother contacted Rosie right away. They were already working on his divorce process. Rosie reviewed documents and told him right away that she would be able to get this order dismissed. I will be honest here. I did not like her optimism. This was happening to us first time. Remember, we are the family who never ever had any such situation before, nor we heard about such absurd allegations ( stories), which that crazy immigrant liar lady put on my brother. Anyways, I bothered Rosie with so many questions literally almost everyday (most of them were stupid. Lol). Rosie would always tell me to not worry and relax which I did not. Lol. But guess what happened. Rosie knocked down the other party in first hearing. She knew exactly how to deal with their stupid allegations. The order was dismissed and there is no spousal support granted to madam liar so far. Hopefully the divorce process go as smooth as this was. I highly recommend Rosie to everyone generally and specifically to desi Indian and Pakistani people who are going through same process where spouse come from other country and take advantage of "being alone and domestic violence victim" for green card and immigration purposes. God bless you Rosie.

    - Former Client

  • Effective, efficient and a force to be reckoned with.
    I can’t rave enough about Rosie and her ability to help navigate what I would describe as the most stressful period of my life. After our consultation, it was clear that she was the right choice, and it became apparent after the first proceeding that I was in good hands - the positive effect this had on my mental health in such a stressful time was incalculable. She is a force to be reckoned with to ensure justice is not misappropriated, and her years of experience were reflected in her Chess-like maneuvering of my case. She was always one step ahead of the opposing party, and for lack of a better description, it was almost theatrical to watch the opposing attorney stumble and grasp for straws as she tactfully and methodically tackled the substance of the allegations against me and ripped to shreds every embellishment or flat out lie that was made in an attempt to incriminate me. She delivered what she promised, and I can’t thank her enough for her commitment to my case and the constant communication that helped put me at ease. If you are in search of an attorney, I highly recommend having a consultation with Rosie; it will be apparent that she is the right choice, and I’m glad she was my attorney. Thank You Rosie!

    - Former Client

  • Norma and Rosie have always gone above and beyond.
    Norma and Rosie have always gone above and beyond when my husband and I have needed them. We always feel safe knowing that they are working diligently on our behalf. If I could give a giver rating I would!

    - K.D.

  • Fantastic!
    Norma has been my attorney from the beginning of mr litigation. I always wanted to be a part of my daughters life but feared I would never get the chance. Norma has always been there for me and she has worked hard on my behalf. Because of Norma my daughter has a stable life and a strong relationship with me! I could never thank her enough!

    - J.

  • The office was very personal and professional to my situation.
    Such an amazing law office to go to. Rosie, I can't seem to stop appreciating the work that was done for me. The office was very personal and professional to my situation. I was able to trust them with everything! Rosie knew how to handle my case and she reached out to me with all the steps. Thank you!

    - S.B.

  • Rosie Dhillon and her law firm handled my case professionally and listened to my concerns every step of the way.
    Rosie Dhillon and her law firm handled my case professionally and listened to my concerns every step of the way. I am very happy with the outcome and have come back for other legal assistance matters. They are very knowledgeable in many areas and it shows in the court room. I have referred others and they thank me for it. Your experience shows and I am happy your on my side.

    - G.D.

  • My experience with Samra Dhillon Law has been nothing short of excellent.
    My experience with Samra Dhillon Law has been nothing short of excellent. I have never felt like calls or emails went without response, which is huge when you’re dealing with that as your main point of communication. From the front desk to the paralegals, I don’t feel as if my case has ever been “shoved aside.” Trusting them with my case has not been hard, it has been relieving. Cannot day enough great things.

    - K. D.

  • Norma Samra provided exceptional legal services
    Norma Samra provided exceptional legal services during a tough time my family was facing. Not only did she take the time to understand my situation legally, she also expressed true empathy for what we were going through. Then, her and her team worked at a rapid pace to finish getting our trust and other documents complete without delay. I recommend without reservation.

    - D.G.