DUI Traffic Stop

Sneaky Tricks Police Can Use to Accuse You of a DUI

Sometimes police just want to secure an arrest. Perhaps they are filling a quota, or maybe they are trying to boost their numbers to look good in the community. In these situations, they often use flimsy excuses to “get their man.”

Not every officer is so cynical. Many are good people with the best of intentions, but they are overzealous. In their efforts to do the right thing, they still find themselves implementing some of the same tactics as the cynics.

Whatever the motivation, the urgent need to make arrests creates a problem. It imbalances the system. Suspects face consequences based on technicalities, not actual justice.

When the police pull you over, they tend to look for reasons behind your driving behavior. If they suspect you of being under the influence, they will try to justify that belief, even when it’s wrong.

Here are some tricks to look out for when the police pull you over.

Tricky Questions and Word Play

Officers may ask leading questions at a stop. Instead of saying, “Have you been drinking?” they might ask, “How much have you had to drink?”

Answering this question will not have a good outcome. Even if you had only one drink hours ago, saying so could be enough to get arrested.

After an arrest, the word play doesn’t end. Police will attempt to get a confession down at the station. They will use circular questions and try to make you agree with direct statements.

Remember your Miranda rights. They say that “anything you say can and will be used against you.” Any time you are pulled over for any reason, remain silent. Give police basic info like your name and ID. After that, don’t say a word. Don’t tell them where you’ve been, where you’re going, or anything else.

Linking a Legal Substance to Your Driving

Most anything you ingest has an effect on your body. Kava tea can slow you down, medicines can make you tired or hyper, and so on. Theoretically, too much coffee can alter your driving.

Police know this, and they can use it against you. Technically, if they believe that your driving is impaired for any reason, they can arrest you.

Once again, it’s important to stress your right to remain silent. Something about your driving gave the police a reason to pull you over. If you tell them that you had a single antihistamine, they could blame your behavior on “drugs” and charge you with a DUI.

What to Do If You Are Arrested with a DUI

Even when your arrest is completely unjustified, the best thing to do is stay quiet and cooperate. Continue to remain silent until you can talk to an attorney. Remember, their job is to talk for you. They are also there to help debunk the charges against you. If your arrest is truly without warrant, they can help gather the correct evidence and defend you in court.

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