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The Most Common Summer Personal Injuries (And How To Avoid Them)

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, and with many state lifting mask orders and social distancing requirements, people will be out and about enjoying the pleasant weather and newfound freedom. The summer season typically sees a spike in certain types of personal injuries, and we can only speculate how many more we could see given post-pandemic changes. While personal injuries are typically seasonal – they can happen anytime. There are certain injuries and accidents that are more prevalent during the summer months.

Here are a few common personal injuries that could spike in the coming summer season:

Car Related Accidents & Injuries

Car accidents are not seasonal in nature, but they do tend to spike during the summer months for several reasons.

The most common reason for the summer increase in car accidents are:

  • An increase in newly licensed younger drivers means more car accidents and injuries. AAA studies automobile collisions, and they found that the most dangerous time to drive on American roadways was the 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Also, because school is on break during the summer months, there are far more student drivers on the roadways than usual.
  • Motorcycle season isn’t official, but it should be. There are more motorcyclists on the roads during the summer months than any other time of the year, which isn’t surprising considering improved weather brings out all types of cyclists. Motorcycle accidents are always a roadway concern considering their relative size compared to other vehicles utilizing the same road.
  • Summer is road trip time. School is out of session, and more people take to the roadways for vacations or to visit family. There are also more inexperienced school and college-aged drivers on the roadways during summer. With more cars on the road, there’s an inevitability of collisions.

It can be difficult to avoid inexperienced and dangerous drivers, but your best course of action is to practice safe defensive driving skills. You should refrain from distracted driving and be sure always to service your car, so it’s not unsafe to be operated on roadways.

Dog-related Injuries

Dog-related injuries are common during the summer season because the weather is nice, and people are more likely to take their dogs to places they wouldn’t during other times of the year. Because of the nice weather and general fun associated with the summer months, many owners will be tempted to allow their pet to play unleashed in places where it isn’t allowed, which can lead to dog-related injuries. Another common cause of dog-related injuries stem from unsocialized pets being overstimulated in spaces not intended for pets, like music festivals, parades, or outdoor markets. The loud music and big crowds can put your pet in a heightened state where they can become easily agitated.

Workplace Injuries & Accidents

Workplace injuries during the summer months can vary. Some of these injuries and accidents may be the fault of a negligent employer, while others could be the result of employees ready to get off work to enjoy the remainder of the long summer days.

Employer related workplace injuries and accidents most common to the summer season include:

Heat Strokes & Dehydration: Heat strokes can be a serious concern for employees who work outdoors. Employers have to allow for more frequent breaks and shaded work conditions. Water should always be available and near each employee or on-person during the height of the summer season when temperatures are at their highest. OSHAA has requirements for employees whose work requires outdoor labor during the summer season, and it’s important for these safety regulations to be maintained. Suffering from a heat stroke can be life-threatening, but it’s an avoidable injury with the right precautions.

Falls: Employees working outdoors are at greater risk of falls due to outdoor working conditions. While working indoors is a controlled environment that has been designed with employee safety in mind, sometimes outdoor work is seasonal and not as tightly managed. Summer work outdoors can also include temporary structures that are not as safe as they should be, resulting in falls and serious accidents. Workers could find their injuries qualify for workers' compensation benefits and protections.

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