Child Custody

Child Custody Tips for the Holiday Season

Spreading Holiday Cheer Across Two Households

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most stressful. Coparenting during the holiday season poses an extra challenge for families as they work to coordinate their plans. However, in the end, it presents the best gifts a child could ask for: two loving homes to celebrate the holidays in, and two loving parents to celebrate with. Follow these tips to alleviate the stress of the season and focus on enjoying the festivities.

Know What Your Custody Order Calls for and Make Changes if Necessary

Your holiday custody agreement may vary from your standard schedule, so be sure to take the time to review it and ensure you and your coparent are still on the same page.

Given the unprecedented nature of the year, you may have experienced a significant change in circumstance that renders an adjustment to your child custody plan necessary. If you must modify it, act now to reach an agreement with your spouse and present it to the court to have it accepted and enforceable.

Let the Kids Know the Plan

Your children should be kept aware of the holiday plans. As soon as you and your spouse reach a decision on the matter, mark it on a calendar to allow your family to get excited for holiday planning and preparation.

Encourage Your Children to Be Excited to Spend Time with Your Coparent

Hostility should always be avoided in coparenting, especially during what is meant to be a jolly holiday season. Regardless of your relationship with your coparent, remain civil and encourage your children to be excited for a holiday spent with them.

Avoid Mentions of How Much You’ll Miss Them

If you don’t have custody of your kids this year, do not make excessive comments about how much you will miss having them home. Such mentions could make them feel guilty and personally responsible for your holiday cheer. Allow them to enjoy their time with your coparent and plan to celebrate the holiday with your children before or after the proper day.

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