Divorce Mediation in California

It is not uncommon for couples filing for divorce or legal separation in California to disagree on at least one issue, whether it’s child custody, child support, alimony, or property division. However, spouses have an opportunity to mutually resolve their disagreements without going to court. 

Divorce mediation is one of the most common methods used to negotiate divorce settlements, allow both spouses to discuss unresolved issues and reach an agreement in lieu of court litigation. The mediator is an impartial third party who facilitates the discussions in a safe space, encourages communication, and provides information and suggestions to help couples resolve their differences. 

The following are the main benefits of mediation: 

  • Saves costs and time – A divorce going through court litigation can take more than a year to resolve since spouses must wait for court dates, which can be scheduled weeks or even months apart. In addition, each spouse’s legal team must also set up meetings that do not conflict with their own schedules, which can drag out the process. On the other hand, mediators can provide more flexible scheduling and meet couples where they wish. Since mediation is more efficient and much faster, spouses also lower overall costs because the process is less drawn-out compared to litigation. 

  • Maintains privacy – The information couples disclose during mediation remains confidential. Spouses can discuss divorce-related issues in private, instead of inside a crowded courtroom. Furthermore, court records are available to the public. 

  • Control – Rather than have a judge decide an outcome that neither spouse feels comfortable with, couples in mediation can find a solution that benefits both parties. In addition, the mediator does not make any decision for either party. 

  • Preserves relationship – Whether a couple shares children or runs a business together, mediation may help spouses who will experience ongoing contact after a divorce learn how to amicably and respectfully cooperate and communicate with each other. 

Yet, if a couple cannot resolve their differences through mediation, their divorce agreement will be decided in court. No matter where your case ends up, it is wise to hire an experienced divorce lawyer to protect your rights and best interests. 

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