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Why You Should Avoid Social Media Until Your Divorce is Finalized

Many of us enjoy using social media and check our feed countless times a day. If you are going through a divorce, however, you might want to reconsider how active you are on social media, if at all. Continuing to post online can impact your divorce settlement, especially if you tend to overshare. Considering the profound impact your divorce will have on your life, it is crucial that you hold off on using social media until after the process is finalized.

The Risks of Using Social Media

The information you share online can come back to haunt you in court. No matter how little you post, a lot can be gleaned from what you provide. For example, even if you simply use the check-in feature on Facebook, it can expose your spending habits, where you spend your time, and even who you share your time with if you tag friends. Moreover, even if you think your posts are private, that is not necessarily true either. You likely share a lot of mutual friends with your spouse and it is impossible to know for sure where anyone’s loyalties are and it is too dangerous to assume they will not relay the information you share online with your spouse.

Posting pictures on social media will also present a lot of risks. Pictures can easily be taken out of context and spun to cast you in an unfavorable light. For example, if you went out with friends to get rid of some of the stress you are under and post pictures, you might appear a little irresponsible or reckless, particularly if you look inebriated. These images can potentially impact child custody, so refrain from taking any chances.

You should also consider the potential impact continued social media use may have on your mental health. Even if you unfriend or unfollow your spouse on social media, you will likely still see what your spouse is up to through the posts of your mutual friends. As a result, you may end up feeling depressed and angry over what you see on your social media feed. Protect your mental health and wellbeing by taking a break.

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